The Magnan Series

Magnans are born without senses. They can't hear, see, smell, taste, or touch. What they can do is experience the world through the senses of other people.
In my honest opinion, good science fiction searches out questions. Questions about our future technologies, our future societies, and our future endeavors. What I've decided to do with this series is ask an unanswerable question. My high school english teacher asked me one day if a person was born without senses, would there be any thoughts in their mind? Twenty years after I left that classroom I still struggle to find an answer. It was a way to get me to think critically, and was meant to be unanswerable. 

This series uses that as a premise. My main character was born without senses, but I couldn't have a story confined in the mind of one character. I decided that I would give them a utility and that is the ability to experience the world through other people. 

My wonderful agent is getting ready to send the first completed novel in this series out to publishers. Be sure to check back to keep up on the progress of this project.